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Statueman living statues have been established for over 20 years,we have performed for clients throughout the UK and Worldwide in that time. 
We can provide our professional performers for any theme of event or function, and we don't just stand perfectly still! our  performances are fully interactive, suddenly moving to surprise guests who are totally unaware that we are actually real! 
Acting in character our trained artists can create many surprises and photo opportunities during a performance and are also a great way to create huge impact, but requiring just a small space in which to perform so are ideal for any venue. As the UK's leading living statues company we are constantly busy but we always have time for our clients so if you have never booked with us before and need a quote or just some advice please just contact David at Statueman living statues.
                      Tel: 07771 994478      Email: statueman@hotmail.co.uk







About Statueman Living Statues 
With long experience in providing living statues for entertainment we are recognised
as the number one choice for event organisers, agents and individuals wanting to book the very
best performers available for their events. As a professional company we take great pride in our art which dates back to medieval times when
Tableau Vivant, or groups of entertainers performed at pageants and festivals emulating famous sculptures. In modern times street performers have become quite common, in town centres and shopping centers, in fact most places where people congregate. There is also a world living statues championship in Arnhem Holland, and there are also a handful of professional living statue companies including Statueman living statues and still living statues who can provide a vast array of costumes and characters. Our experience is second to none when it comes to our art,, originally formed in 1994 Statueman are purely devoted to this particular genre, we don't dilute our professional abilities by spending time on other forms of entertainment which means we can provide the very best statues and costumes possible. Trained in performing arts, dance and Mime we have been performing for over 20 years and in that time have worked worldwide for many important clients including probably the most important in the land, HRH the Queen herself! Statueman's artists are often mentioned in media and appear in videos and tv commercials, and living statues are occasionally included in newspaper articles as they are a constant source of fascination for the general public.  


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